Module 1: Beginner

            Diagnosis: Colitis

            Presentation: Abdominal pain

            Anatomy: RUQ ultrasound

            Other: Radiation safety


Module 2: Intermediate

            Diagnosis: Small bowel obstruction

            Presentation: Abdominal distention and pain

            Anatomy: Abdominal x-ray and CT

            Other: Protocolling abdominal CT. Identify bowel transition point on CT.


Module 3: Intermediate

            Diagnosis: Splenic laceration

            Presentation: Abdominal trauma

            Anatomy: Abdominal vasculature

            Other: Role of interventional radiology in trauma.


Module 4: Advanced

            Diagnosis: Appendicitis in pregnant patient

            Presentation: Right lower quadrant pain

            Anatomy: Abdominal MRI

            Other: Imaging in pregnancy- radiation and contrast safety.


Module 5: Pediatrics

            Diagnosis: Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

            Presentation: Vomiting

            Anatomy: Ultrasound pylorus

            Other: Review of alternate diagnoses. Role of fluoroscopy.



Module 1: Beginner

            Diagnosis: Obstructing renal calculus

            Presentation: Flank pain

            Anatomy: Renal ultrasound, abdominal x-ray

            Other: Hounsfield units and calculus composition.


Module 2: Intermediate

            Diagnosis:  Ovarian torsion

            Presentation:  Lower abdominal pain

            Anatomy:  Pelvic ultrasound

            Other:  Pearls and pitfalls in evaluating a young female with acute pelvic pain.


Module 3:  Intermediate

            Diagnosis:  Tuboovarian abscess

            Presentation:  Pelvic pain

            Anatomy:  Pelvic ultrasound

            Other:  Review of alternate diagnoses including ectopic pregnancy.


Module 4: Advanced

            Diagnosis:  Renal Cell Carcinoma

            Presentation:  Hematuria

            Anatomy:  Kidney CT

Other:  Management of contrast reaction. Role of interventional radiology in RCC management.


Module 5: Pediatrics

            Diagnosis:  Testicular torsion

            Presentation:  Scrotal pain

            Anatomy:  Testicular ultrasound

            Other:  Review of alternate diagnoses.



Module 1: Beginner

            Diagnosis:  Pneumonia

            Presentation:  Cough and fever

            Anatomy:  Chest X-ray

            Other:  Role of interventional radiology in complicated pneumonia.


Module 2: Intermediate

            Diagnosis:  Aortic dissection

            Presentation:   Chest pain

            Anatomy:  Chest x-ray

Other:  Renal function and CT contrast. Role of interventional radiology in treatment of aortic dissection.


Module 3:  Intermediate

            Diagnosis:   Pulmonary embolism

            Presentation:   Shortness of breath

            Anatomy:   Chest x-ray, Chest CT vascular anatomy

            Other:  Shellfish allergy. IVC filter placement by interventional radiology.


Module 4: Advanced

            Diagnosis:  Lung mass

            Presentation:   Shortness of breath and weight loss

            Anatomy:   Chest x-ray, Chest CT lobar anatomy

            Other:  Lung cancer staging.


Module 5: Pediatrics

            Diagnosis:   Aspirated foreign body

            Presentation:  Cough and wheezing after choking episode

            Anatomy:   Pediatric chest x-ray

            Other:   Review of alternate diagnoses.




Module 1: Beginner

            Diagnosis:  Intracranial hemorrhage

            Presentation:  Head trauma

            Anatomy: Brain CT

            Other:  Role of imaging in acute head trauma


Module 2: Intermediate

            Diagnosis:  Acute stroke

            Presentation:  Dysarthria and facial droop

            Anatomy: Brain CT and MRI

            Other:  Role of CT angiography and perfusion.


Module 3:  Intermediate

            Diagnosis:   Brain mass

            Presentation:   Seizure

            Anatomy:  Brain CT and MRI  

            Other:  Appropriate use of imaging in evaluation of new onset seizure.


Module 4: Intermediate

            Diagnosis:  Herniated disc

            Presentation:   Low back pain

            Anatomy:  Lumbar x-ray and MRI

            Other:  Types of disc herniations.


Module 5: Advanced

            Diagnosis:   Subarachnoid hemorrhage, aneurysm

            Presentation:  Headache

            Anatomy:   Brain CT and MRI

            Other:  Role of CT angiography and perfusion.  



Module 1: Beginner

            Diagnosis:  Tibial plateau fracture

            Presentation:  Trauma

            Anatomy:   Knee x-ray, MRI

            Other:  Tibial plateau fracture classification.


Module 2: Intermediate

            Diagnosis:   Osteomyelitis

            Presentation:   Pain and fever

            Anatomy:   Foot x-ray

            Other:  Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis


Module 3:  Intermediate

            Diagnosis:  Rotator cuff tear

            Presentation:  Shoulder pain

            Anatomy:   Shoulder x-ray, MRI

            Other:  Arthrography


Module 4: Advanced

            Diagnosis:   Osseous metastases

            Presentation:   Hip pain

            Anatomy:   Hip x-ray

            Other:   Role of nuclear medicine bone scan in detection of metastatic disease.


Module 5: Pediatrics

            Diagnosis:   Slipped capital femoral epiphysis

            Presentation:  Limp

            Anatomy:   Hip ultrasound, x-rays

            Other:  Radiation safety in pediatric imaging.